The Nature of Hometown

   There’s so many advantages for living in the countryside, and for my case it’s quite good that there’s some good spots to visit in my hometown, Grabag, a part of Magelang Regency in Central Java province. I will only talk about good things of living here kekeke.

   In Grabag, there are several tourism object you can visit, such as Andong Mount (if you prefer to camp it’s good enough for beginners), Mangli pine forest near Andong, Sekarlangit waterfall, Bleder lake, and Candi Umbul public hotspring bath area. Those aren’t really famous places, but lately Andong Mount gains its popularity for camp and Sekarlangit for the good sightseeing near the waterfall.


Andong peak


this is Bleder


Andong is gaining popularity


sekarlangit waterfall


Candi Umbul public hotspring

Mangli pine forest

There’s one thing I hate from some irresponsible visitors, the mark they leave after visiting a place, gravity, and such vandalism so disappointing. Starting from ourselves, being responsible to the nature’s existence is the thing we can do for maintaining its existance from extinct.

Anggi Restiana Dewi


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