Attending Wedding is not so New thing

   Living in the world for 23 years long my lifestories have moved to the next stage after the graduation and entering worklife. Being the witness of my friends new stage of life coming but hasn’t stepped my own steps ahead. One by one, for sure being left by my dearest friends to make a vow with the husband/wife for spending the rest of their life together. Attending wedding may seems new and unfamiliar for me years ago. Attending wedding is kind of unwanted thing for me.

   Having received tons of invitations, atteding one to another weddings gives it’s sense of addictive to me. Hahaha Believe it or not, I will be busy deciding the attire to come. I’ll come to the wedding as long as I can afford that. The adultery stage that nowadays changes me, I’m not being the same like I used to before. I was too boyish to wear those pretty and cute wearings, hate pink and careless for my own body. Now that I’ve reached the age of 20 something, attending wedding is not so new thing to me.

What’s so new is when will my wedding be?

Hahaha *please don’t ask this*

I’ll send invitation when I am fully grown and ready

With love,



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