Sunset at The Balcony


Having a long weekend for Christmas, as Michael Bubble “All I want for Christmas is you” song being played everywhere staying alone is my choice during the holiday. Last night before my only homemate go home, we get free ticket to watch Negeri Van Oranje movie. Thanks to Keiko with her kind offering when I’m not in the mood of doing the training. Sorry shifu I skip the class and decide to watch the movie instead.

Being overwhelmed lately, I must have been wanting to go on a picnic lately. Get a rest Nggi, just relax, no need to rush in everything. After getting the ticket that I almost lost due to my careless habit, there’s still one hour left and we move to the balcony where people usually eat their chicken while catching some sunset.

I don’t quite understand why this mall concept is ruined and be this empty. It’s just the chicken franchise that the brand I don’t have to mention as the only attractive spot of the mall. We have the balcony with sea view, planes flying near and sunset spot that everyone loves.

Here I am, doing the same thing like what people love doing here. Sitting near balcony and enjoying the view of sunset we used to see.

Although it’s driving me crazy that I’ll stay alone for four days streak, I’m okay. I just want to enjoy the sunset at the balcony.

When will you come with me?



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