Mountain Girl

Been living her whole life in cold place

Been suffering for her weak nose that often turns red whenever the temperature goes lower

Been happy, sad and lonely that the night she wants to be alive turns to be quiet ones

After 18 years then moving on to the cruel capital city to continue study

Having difficulties and happy the same time

She gets the life, the city that never sleeps and the dark circle in both eyes

Forgive her that she loves to sleep late enjoying the night view

She hates the quiet night that sleeps way too early like she used to see in her hometown

Going home after 3 years study and one year seeking for experience working in the city

Sad to leave the city and go back to her hometown to continue living

Almost a year staying in the cold place,then a new beginning of her life starts

The announcement is out, her placement is way too far from hometown

She is happy, excited and sad the same time

Happy to get big city like she wishes, excited for exploring new land

And sad that the payment she and all her friends deserve hasn’t been transferred to their bank accounts

Adding more and more account payable for fulfilling the expensive cost for living in new land

Move to a city that famous for it’s seafood that she can’t eat

Poor you dear, but its okay

Here she is now, in the new land she is going to live in

From the cold to the hot temperature one

From the foggy to the smoky place

From the small town to a big city

Here she is, in Borneo and she’s happy


Mountain girl


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