Pasar Santa, Jakarta, one stop eating ~

   After moving to Balikpapan, having a chance to go back to Jakarta is the happiest thing to do. I’ll have to join the training for more thatn one month staying in Jakarta. Renting a room in Purnawarman for joining the training and it’s really close to Blok M and Pasar Santa then I’m getting used to both of the places. I can walk for about five minutes to reach Santa, one of the finest place for anak nongkrong Jakarta hihihi.

   One fine weekend before my visit to Bintaro, eating famous foods in Santa is a to do list I made before coming to Jakarta. Hello Santa, I don’t feel you way too expensive since I’ve been living in the most living cost city, Balikpapan. Happy to taste the food in Santa, me, Wiga, Reyza, Nesty, Reni and Nesty’s boyfriend eat together after walking around. The price for the food here are around 20-35k per portion. We eat claypot, black hotdog, drink One Tea, eat takoyaki and several beverages we rarely eat. It’s a good timing that there’s accoustic performance when we go there. But we miss it since we’ve been there for long.

tasty 40k juice

clay pot food

poor me,the black hotdog isn’t fotogenic
yummy takoyaki
claypot :9

Gonna miss the good place, good food and good friends ~



Anggi R. Dewi


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