Borobudur Now and Then

    Last time I came to Borobudur was in the early of May when I attended Mbak Enggar wedding and it was gloomy rainy day. And now I came again the end of May with my “Prajab” pals. I’ve written a bit of my Borobudur trip before, but I’ll review it especially about the trip I have to Borobudur, both the early and end trip of May

   In the early of May, I came all the way to attend a wedding in such nice girly clothes and got wet. It was exciting yet disappointing since the rain wouldn’t stop as I wait. I promised myself to come again in a better mood and sunny day.


   And here it comes the chance when I am in the middle of Prajab training, on the first week we are allowed to go out of the dormitory. I go along with 5 of these kids, Manda, Naily, Dika, Sidiq and Lutfi. In such a sunny Sunday we ride taxi going there. Talking along the way to Borobudur, some sleep, some keep talking all the way and it’s really amusing for us five when Andika who just woke up gives the taxi driver money he didn’t ask. LOL!

   Look how crowded Borobudur nowadays! I’m a bit sad for not wearing sarung to go around the temple. But take it easy, we come, walk around and take groufie hahaha * typical visitors these days*. I remember my childhood and moment when I was student who got duty to interview the foreigners in Borobudur. Kind of bule hunter but it was exciting at the moment. Now that I witness how miserable their trip, surrounded by local people who ask them to take pictures nonstop and asking many questions. Hihihi Experience it, guys you won’t find things like this in other countries.

    they are all made of stone ~


   Borobudur is one of the biggest Budhist temple and the visitors come from many places around the world. There are some Budhist monks come from Thailand, too. Some come for religious reason, some other just wanna come to have a tour around the temple, simply like us. Sunny day, crowded area and it burns our skin walking around spaces in Borobudur. We walk around every spot we can, Rupadatu, Arupadatu, and Kamadatu, even touching the statue’s hand like what people believe will grant our wishes, we do that. In Indonesian you can say that I am in ” Percaya nggak percaya” condition 😀

One thing I am a bit disappointed is that we only get a chance to go out during weekend and it’s really crowded. Oh God! Look how dusty the area and it’s really burning your throat.

Going back to the dormitory after eating my favourite “ Kupat Tahu” in Pak Pangat. Have a nice Sunday guys ~



Borobudur, May 24th 2015


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