Hey, old number

Hey, it’s been more than two weeks since I can’t access you

It’s still heartbreaking for me to lose you this way when yesterday the costumer service told me I can’t use you anymore

You’ll be re-created and used by another person I don’t know

If only I realize and take care of you earlier, you would never go away

If only I go to training after fixing you, I can still have you

If only I don’t forget the use of you, 10 years wouldn’t be total waste like now

I am sorry for not being able to save you, my dearest 10 years long private number

There are sooo many stories I have during the time I’m using you

From the sad news, happy moments and the lovey dovey conversations, the broken heart talks, and various things happen in my puberty life, it’s always connected by you.

Ah, I’m still sad for remembering this

But it’s too much If I become this mess now

I already find the new ‘you’,

Hope it will bring more happy moments than 10 years before

See you when I can take you back again..

For my 085643493821 that has gone

The brokenhearted user,

Anggi Restiana Dewi


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