Good and Bad News Come Together, Thailand and America

   Until this week, even today, there’s no such postcards or letters arrive in my mailbox. It’s quite annoying remember I’ve sent dozen of cards and mails but there’s no replies come to my box. And there hasn’t arrive any of the cards they sent me.

   During this week, there it comes the good news and bad news same time. I get protest from my penpals who hasn’t received my mails. I’m sorry mate that they haven’t been able to reach you. I hope sooon they’ll be in your hands. Sadly it’s been 7 weeks since my sending.

   Arrive bad news, there also good news comes from Thailand. The postcards I sent my penpal has arrived safely in a good condition. How happy I feel that it’s not torn apart. 😀 The postcard of my Indonesian flag arrive. Enjoy it Am, hope your card to arrive soon. And all the mails and postcards that I don’t know where they are. Please come to me ~

Still waiting,

your penpal

Anggi Restiana Dewi


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