My Pen Friends Around The World

Not really sure how I start first in this snailmailing things, got some foreign friends to write each other letter. And I’m really happy doing this thing, can’t wait the news from them receiving my outgoing mails, and getting the mails from them. I started in December 2014 for the postcrossing thing, and I don’t quite remember first chatting and agreeing to be penfriends with these people. I was really excited and I still am. I wrote several letter sent in the end of January, the age gap isn’t far different so it’s okay. There are several kind of new friends I get, a housewife with the daily routine at house, student, college student, and a traveler. Whoaaa I’m really grateful. And waiting for the news from them receiving my mails. I’ll be waitiing ~

   I send a letter to my college friend too. Next week is her birthday hihihi.. And I started to do the mailings agaain after all the time. Let’s go back to the post office and send letter.


Let’s write letter ~


making my own template

20150128_152116 20150128_160521 IMG_20150128_090415 IMG_20150128_143955 IMG_20150128_150327Cheers,

happy writer

Anggi Restiana Dewi :p


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