Let’s Talk About Your Dream

   I was a kid when I dream about being a doctor and singer the same time. Pretty greedy, right? Yes, I am a greedy kid with the trolling fate. I am not a doctor, nor a singer now. Guess what? I’m a tax officer-to be, a profession I never thought I would be. Hahaha.. Remembering those old days, just do what you wanna do. Play hard, study hard, and learn to fall hard. I’ve been there, done those things and taste all upside down in my life.

   Having all my life plan ruins, unable to be a doctor but still have the chance to be singer Hahahha. Mr Jokowi, may I become singer and tax officer the same time? And I should be a doctor’s wife to be called “ Bu Dokter” then hahaha Crazy ~ I still can chase my dream to travel and study abroad, but years later than my friends in other college. I still can marry great man with good attitude If I fix mine, I’m learning it’s okay. And I still can be a good travel-writer If I manage to keep traveling and put it into writings. I still can save money from my soon to be job and buy my parents nice car and send them to go “haji” , pay the education for my brothers hehehe. Still long way to go, right?

   I should be grateful for being able to graduate for free education money, with a bottom rank happily, having many friends who love me, and spend my college years in good ways. I should be more grateful now I’m in training job with small amount of pre-salary, waiting for placement, the training and soon to be full payment of my salary that will cure my thirst of travelling.

Be grateful, go with the flow and keep waiting..



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