When It’s Destined to Be, then It Will Be~

    Destiny and people’s wishes sometimes get along, sometimes not. Not all people get things destined as they wish to be happened. In almost every way, there always satisfaction and desperation. Satisfaction is the form of happy feeling to get what we want, as for desperation is a way to express the opposite. As human being and a moslem who believe in God hands that always help my way, being grateful is one way to keep my life lighter. Rather than whinning and cursing for the badluck that keeps coming to my life, letting it flow the way and do my best part of it is the only thing I can do. Humans may try the best, but God decide what’sgonna happen for the rest, right?

   People tend to be more talkative to me lately. As one by one of my friends are getting married, they keep questioning why I’m whose “the precious  22y.o” will be over soon haven’t getting married. Well, getting married isn’t a running race, who run fast and get there first is the winner. It’s the matter of principles and commitment should be included in two loving people who unite building the new generations. Some people ready to get married in early 20’s, while some need more time to chase their dream and obsession. Some may afraid to get married from the traumatic past, some choose not to because they’re not ready to slide away the ego in that kind of partnership. As for me, I am the kind who still need more time to take care of myself.

   “Humans have plans, God decides”, that’s the rule I know so far. So no matter how far the person you love goes away from you, If he’s destined to be yours then he will be. If not,there’s  no way to get back together. As the time goes by, this rule has been on my mind. I am not the person who’s afraid of losing the guy I love since I cut the “lovely feeling” with all guy, realize it or not. I am not falling for any guy, not in the move nor the mood. I wanna have a fresh start in this early year, being my happy self. I’m in the state who’s been tired of the unclear states I’ve been in the past. Some girl may see me as a bitch who snatch away their boyfriend or something like ruining someone else’s relationship, even if the fact’s not. Or the image of the girl who can’t be moved before, and the image of the girl falling for different beliefs guy. I’m done with all those things. The brokenhearted thing in this 20’s isn’t exciting anymore. Moving on is easier as I’m getting older. Being left for a relationship or marriage, that’s not a big deal anymore baby. Being left, just think he’s not the destined person for me, then it’s done. Getting in unclear state again? Oh, no dude I won’t do that anymore.

  Mrs X, a senior worker in my office gave me advices days ago. Woman should get married to the man who chase after her, remember that marriage will last as the man throw all of himself into the commitment. Don’t be too hard to yourself. Don’t be the girl who only wantone certain man. That’s gonna hurt when you don’t get him and don’t wanna get in commitment If the man isn’t him. Being too picky and strict will only lead you to a selfish life, open up your heart dear. As for man, he should marry the woman he loves, chase until you get her. If not, you can’t stop only in one person. One rejects you, move to another one, being rejected again, move again, until you get the woman. That’s the rule mrs X said. Well for my case, she said I might have plans to continue study, travel, and start business by myself but I should remember my destiny as woman. I can never hang around my family forever. She said I should maintain my temper and ego, a woman is a mom-to be in future life. So travel, study, but don’t close your heart to anyone. Live a happy life with your family support and wait the destined man to come. You’ll be sure If he’s the one.

Remember one saying, in Indonesia “ Karena jodoh tak akan pernah tertukar”

So go with the flow and let God shows you what destiny is..

Full of positive energy,



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