Enjoying my jobless time, Mangli Pine Forest ~

   During the Idul Fitri atmosphere after going to some relatives house, we went to visit the pine forest in Mangli, Grabag. I remember this place before, holding a kind of camping in the same place, trekking in Andong. And it’s been two years already. I came here just to spend the cold afternoon under the pine trees. Enjoying my jobless time, I already came here twice, the next one was last week, August 4th. I came with Arum, walking around the area and found naughty couple nearly doing nasty thing here. They stopped when I stared at them fiercely. Hahaha I succeeded to make them loose mood doing nasty thing.

   It’s nice place to visit, I think I will come again and bring my books to study for tekedi :”) Since I get no permission for my mom, its kinda breaking my heart I wanna go to Merbabu and Lawu for celebrating Indonesian born day. Well, I should rearrange my plans then. Ah, they’re all ruined because of “si mbak” absent for doing the household things and my mom’s ruined mood prevent me going everywhere except taking care of my files for “pemberkasan”. See? I’m dying staying at home, outdoor activities are my recent concern but I just can’t do these. It will be easier going everywhere I want if the starting point is Bintaro. See you soon, I miss you my free own life ~


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