Finding Mr Destiny in Big Ben

‘’ 5 minutes for this weekend

We’re just 5 cm apart when another passengers get down before us

It’s only 5 minutes in silence but I am so excited of seeing you again

Man from nowhere, a stranger whose name I never know and never get a chance to know each other but always boost my mood no matter what “

Last time I wrote a story about me falling in love for a stranger in the train station, people think I was crazy. But, look it’s me who don’t care what people say and I continue doing my one sided – irrational love.

Today, my last day working as an intern in public accountant office. As usual, I get the chance to see him and smile all daaay long. Thanks Mr. Red, it’s good seeing you wearing red and you smile this morning. Nothing more can make me happy. I continue adoring you in my crazy way, while all of my friends notice my craziness getting more and more everyday. I even followed him to get down in Sudirman station one day hihihihi. Forgive me!

“ Anggi, you’re crazy, how could you follow him to the station you’re not heading to? What If he knows?” Mey couldn’t believe what I did that morning.

“ Sorry, I’m just curious hehehe. And he already know me I think, aaaah I don’t know how to save myself for not seeing him like crazy. Aaaa” I couldn’t hide my crazy side to my friend.

By the way, it’s still five days left for me staying in Bintaro. I have to pack things and go back to my hometown until the placement test for STANers 2010 (alumnus of STAN who graduated in 2013) is settled. I can’t do anything more here, since I’m jobless now. I think I’m gonna study for the placement test at home and help my parents do several household works hihihi (my new job, a housemaid maybe T_T) and another thing to do is travelling (I’m gonna love this) . Counting days to go as I have to leave, my commuter life has come to an end. I will never get the chance to see him again, except I get the placement in Jakarta and I go to office at 7 am. It’s unimaginable.

Several months later, I pass the test well and get the placement in Jakarta. I work for Fiscal Policy Department in Jakarta as I wish, thanks Allah I get the chance to work here. Two years passed by, but I never get the chance to see him. Wondering where he is, I even try to come late to the office just to know whether he’s still go to the office at the time we usually meet. But, It’s just a waste. I never find him, anywhere in this big city. I lose hope and I give up. And I give another guy chance to come and being my partner, life partner wanna be, yea things like that. I once get into relationship which is the thing I hoped when I was an intern in Jakarta Province Government. Let’s call it a failure, since I date my own friend, Aldi my friendzoned kind you can call it like that and hahaha we end up being strangers again after making up, being in a relationship, spending one year together and now we end it like loosers. You know, until my 24th I haven’t been in relationship before this. I gotta forget him and find better guy I think. And thanks God you create me being a creature who loves travelling, I’m grateful for this. Despite my fail relationship, I often go on a trip, solo backpacking you can call it. I meet new people, tons of stories and experience and I even have lots of penfriend. You know, that kind who send you messages and you have good relation to those people who’s willing to be host for you when you come to their country and you gotta do the same thing for them. It’s quite interesting right? I’m single and have to enjoy my life before finding Mr. Destiny. Hahaaha

Talking about my penfriend, one of those penfriends I have, Willy offers me a visit to his house in London, England. England? It’s an interesting offering since I have never been there. He sends his mail when it’s almost midnight. Thanks God, I’m excited like a kid who will celebrate her birthday party. Aaaaaa, I’m so crazy reading that mail.

“ Dear Anggi. This spring I’m having my holidays for almost two months.It gonna be boring since I can’t go back to Indonesia this time. If you have your days off you can go to England maybe, to see me and this big country. I will be a good host and take you everywhere you want to. I promise you will have a great time here. Since I have never seen you directly, I’m eager to see your smiling face and hearing your jokes,girl.I want to meet you directly, you say you want to sing Adele’s song to me when we meet right? Hhahaha I wanna hear you sing too.Kekekeke


Your penfriend,

Willy, not Wonka haha “

And I reply his mail full of excitement. Can’t wait to go there. Kyaaaa

“Are you kidding me, Willy? You want me to visit you there? Aaaaa, I will. Yess I will! But,you have to pray more for me since I’m a civil servant who have to do so many things and only get 12 days a year for taking leave of absence. Hehehe I will do my best to get visa and come to see you. Wait me singing for you then, don’t forget to take me a tour in England. You’ll be surprised, I have a long list of places I wanna visit. Wait me, Will  ^^v”

It takes 7 days for me to get my Schengen visa, aaaaa can’t wait to see Willy. He’s a nice guy I know from this penfriend thing and we’ve share many stories of our travellings. The thing that makes me more excited is, Willy is an Indonesian guy who lives in England for almost three years. Whoaa, he said he’s taking his S2 degree there after finishing his work in his first year living there. I’m eager to see him in person, since I never get to see his face clearly in the picture he once sent me. Hihihi

“ I get my visa to go there Will, I’m gonna see you and visit England I can’t believe I finally go there!”

“ Hahaha, I will be a good host for your coming, Nggi. Don’t worry, I’ll pick you and take you everywhere you wanna go.”

“ Can’t wait to see you. I’ll be leaving for England tomorrow morning, 8 am from Soekarno Hatta airport. Please be prepared and pick me on time. See yaa.”

“ Okaay, I will. Hahaha See you, Anggi.”

I’m so nervous leaving for England alone, to visit a guy I usually meet in virtual world but its okay since he’s Indonesian too. I pack everything well, I bring rendang too for Willy. He said he loves spicy food and he has Minang blood too (I haven’t mention it before).  I get no difficulties arriving in London the day after. But, this jetlag thing follows. My head hurts, dizzy and I finally puke at the toilet.

“ Are you okay, miss? You don’t look so good. May I know where are you going to?” an old lady seems to know my unwell condition, asking me with her British accent.

“ I’m okay, ma’am. I’m going to see my friend. He’s coming here to pick me.”

“Oh, it’s good if you have someone to pick you.”

I walk out of the toilet, heading straight to the exit door. It’s quite shocking to see the person in front of me, I can’t believe what I see. That tall guy infront of me, is he Willy or I’m dreaming now? He’s that guy from my old time, I used to see him at the station. I’m a bit confused of what I see. Oh, my God what is this?

“ Are you, Willy by the way?” I ask him with my mouth opened wide.

“ Yes, I’m Willy. You’re the girl I often see at the station,aren’t you? “ Willy get confused too.

“ Yep, I’m that girl. Hahahaha, how funny we meet here, and we’re penfriend HAHAHA. What is this I still can’t believe what my eyes see.”

“Me, too. HAHAHA So unbelieveable, that crazy girl who followed me get down at the station she shouldn’t be is now in front of me. “ Willy laugh so hard for being twisted in our meeting way today.

Human can never understand God’s plans, and now I’m seeing the guy I once fell for like crazy. Hahaha Anyway, Willy is a nice guy, not as cold as I imagined before. He lives in London with his mom, Mrs. Anne, the lady I once met in the airport. Willy is half Indonesia (Minang) comes from his dad and half England blood from her mum. Whoaaa, perfect combination. He has great figure,still as adorable as the old time. I can’t believe this. He takes me on a great trip in England, we visit Buckingham Palace, take a night walk and ride London Eye. You know, London’s view at night is unbelieveably great. So many places we visit here, he even takes me to Kings Cross to see that 9 ¾ platform since he knows I’m a fan of Harry Potter. He even takes me to watch the match between Manchester United vs Man. City in Old Trafford, we love different club but he’s willing to accompany me visiting my dream stadium. Aaah, I’m so happy coming here, seeing many interesting places. We even act like Adam Levine in Payphone videoclip near the redbox haahaha. And we ride double decker, aaaa the thing I never found in Indonesia. I take my day off for 12 days and it’s already my 11th day here.

Willy leaves early in the morning when I haven’t finished cooking with his mom. He left a letter to me, asking me to go out this Friday night. It says he want me to go to London Bridge in the best spot where I can see Big Ben.

“ Hey, girl it’s almost the time you’ll go back to Indonesia. I wanna show you something, meet me at 7 pm tonight near London Bridge, in the best spot where you can see Big Ben.”

I dress up neatly, walking alone the long road to London Bridge. No one I see there when suddenly my phone rings.

“ Can you turn your view to the left?” It’s Willy who calls.

“What?” And I’m amazed of what I see infront of me. A view of fireworks in London sky tonight amazed me, there’s a sentence written after that performance. “ Would you please be mine?” It says. And I cry so hard of confusion like a baby.

“ What are you doing? Huhuhu You make me crying like this. Tomorrow I have to go back, why do you say it now?” I cry harder. Suddenly someone hug me from behind, its him.

“ Please don’t cry, I just can’t make you leave without saying the things I wanna say from the past. You know the old time you used to see me, I wanna know you too. But the time we had back then,it never made us closer since we often ignored each other. I came early to the station after you never showed, I wonder who you are, where you live, but I had no idea where of this earth you’re in. Now, I see you and I have to say this before I regret. I will come back to Indonesia next year. I’m asking you to wait a little more so I can be with you. “

And I cry harder hearing him say those things.

Tonight, under London’s sky, in London Bridge, with the great view of fireworks parade and Big Ben, I finally meet my destiny, Willy, the guy I used to like since years ago. Like old saying, people plans, God decides. Thanks God, I find my Mr. Destiny in the country I wanna visit, in the moment I love, and the guy that always in mind.

“ When will I see you agaaain ~” a part of Adele’s song I sing to him before I go back, and we laugh happily in the airport.

See you Willy, I will wait you in Jakarta, near the station I used to see you.

With Love,

Your girlfriend, soon to be wife



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