Papandayan, our trip together ~

About my trip to Papandayan.This is the very First time I decide to climb a Mountain in a trip with 120 other persons and as a guide of group 4.Hahaha finally I’m in my friends group after a long debating :”) Preparations have been done with our group though my guide thing is quite silly.I’m not a good guide I realize it. After a long journey,we arrived at parking lot area to do some stretching etc,one by one group start the climbing with their guides,and me as the 4th group guide too hahahha We are the cheerful group with logo not not dikenyot haha.Crazy but funny.We build a very good combination tent,wuhuuu so great. We finished cooking and everything had been set neatly,good guys.But,I got mad once in a while when they bullied me.I wasn’t in a good condition guys,so annoying >.<

    I left them..aaaak I don’t care aaaaa But,then I came back to them,they did apologize for bullying me.hahha and we played UNO cards crazily.The craziest person was Boris and Ruslan,but the looser of the game had to take off the jacket and shout loudly that he’s a looser.And tadaaa Yase is the looser of the game,.HAHAHAHHA #evillaugh

    The night is coming,so cold and it was raining hard.Did you know that Three Wet 14 peoples in my tent?hahaha we’re all need warmth and stayed Three together going crazy taking pictures and jokes.But,the disaster came when our tent starter to get a hole ini n..Oh man -___- Me and Reaca,the only girl of this group had to move on to other tent #tsaah I got a couple of handcase from Kak Ewel,.thankyouuu 😀 After a cold night,we had a walk through Dead Forest,to Edelweis area,Tegal Alun.Wuhuuu such a great view.And TROJAN took pictures together yeheee..Suddenly,someone shout that you know who name,and it resounded several Time.Oh,man..

this Trojan class of mine

And Happy 21st birthday I Gede Sandiyasa the owner of laughing sound like hyena xD

our birthday boy Yase

Our crazy group had party at last,last time cooking with full food :3 Thankyou Chef Yonaa..lalallala. Under the rain we walk down the path to reach parking area then went home to Bintaro. Thankyou STAPALA,we had a great journey in Papandayan .

Greeting from Edelweiss ~


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