Welcome my very first WordPress post :”

   Having my previous wordpress blog being blocked and forget the password, move to another blog provider, then welcome again my second wordpress blog and this is my brand new blog I decide to make for a better place to pour stories. Not that I don’t like my other blog, I just want my wordpress accout and organize it as well. I’m still learning to make qualified posts rather than writing random and unorganized things.

   Welcoming my 2015, my dearest resolutions and I am ready to pick several good things to be posted here hehehe. The junks (read : post with those “galau2 ga jelas” thing) before, may not be moved here. I make this blog to save my writing spirit, to avoid the fail big migration If I do wrong move to migrate my prev blog into this blog. I write this in my 1 last month of my 22 age. Hihihi

Once again, welcome my very first WordPress post..

Love ya, xoxo

Anggi R. Dewi

22 y.o, my 1 last month


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